Home Buyer: Maria


There’s something so special about working with first-time homebuyers! Buying a home at any stage is a big step but the first one is a special experience. It can also be an incredibly nerve-wracking time, so being able to be part of that journey with any client is an honour for me, and Maria was such a pleasure to work with. She was looking for something that fit in with her long hours as a financial advisor, love of great food, and desire for the perks of urban life, but wanted to stay within a budget that would still allow her to travel the world.

“Purchasing a home is a huge deal, but even more so when it’s your first time. Having Rachel by my side made my experience such a pleasurable one.” -Maria

When you’re looking to buy property, it can be tempting to go for listings that have all the bells and whistles or is in your absolute dream location. Sometimes, it can be difficult to figure out what your wants are, and what your needs are. I like to sit down with all my clients and make sure they prioritize their needs before making any decisions. The last thing you want is to fall in love with a dream master bathroom but have a long commute to work that becomes unbearable over time. Buying a home is such an emotional process, so I am here to help my clients stay focused on their priorities while still finding their dream home.

Maria wanted a home that she could be proud of, that was close to the hustle and bustle of the city.  I always want my clients to have options and Maria was great about casting a wider net in her search. She also had an eye for what would be an investment in the long-term, which is always a smart approach.

“Having Rachel by my side made my experience so much easier. She understood exactly what I was looking for, set the expectations, and helped me with my decision-making process.” 


Working with clients like Maria is the reason I do what I do. We found her a fabulous condo at 388 Bloor St. E that had everything she was looking for. Steps to shopping, public transit and even a concierge to accept her packages when she was traveling the world!

“Rachels kindness and constant support was something I’ll never forget and will always be grateful for. Have no doubt that with Rachel you’re in the best hands.”

I’m so thrilled to have worked with Maria and am so happy that she found a place to call home!