Interior Design with Montana Labelle

If you’ve ever walked into a stunning room and wondered where your friend bought that couch or how they sourced such an amazing chandelier, there’s a good chance they’ve worked with a designer! From the tiniest condos that face space challenges, to vast new-builds where finding enough furniture can feel daunting, working with a professional designer is the perfect solution to ensure your financial and style choices are in the right hands. 

Montana Labelle is a Toronto-based interior designer who describes her style as “warm modern mixed with antiques”, bringing the perfect mix of modernity and eclecticism to all of her designs. After studying at Parsons School of Design in New York City, Montana returned to Toronto with influences from NYC and her early fashion interests contributing to her current work and aesthetic. To see all of her amazing creations, visit

I'm always so delighted to connect buyers and sellers with my amazing design and trade contacts. Montana is one of my absolute favourite designers to work with and has done some incredible work for my clients and in my own home! She's been gracious enough to share some advice to inspire us as we head into the new year – enjoy! 

Whether designing large commercial spaces, or a petit pied-à-terre, Montana loves the challenge each space brings. With her NYC background, Montana is no stranger to smaller condos and the struggles homeowners often have in navigating the tiny layouts. One of her biggest recommendations is to NOT use condo-sized furniture. “I think filling a small space with small furniture can make it feel even smaller! I prefer to use regular (or even oversized pieces) in small areas.” Montana recently used an over-sized Restoration Hardware Cloud Sofa in a 600 sq ft. King Street condo – with enormous 14-ft ceilings and a giant ottoman, the space felt cozy and spacious at the same time. 

With the Toronto housing market coming off a hot-streak this year, some homeowners have chosen properties for the perfect location, size and amenities, knowing that there will be a ton of work to do on the interior. If you’re feeling a bit daunted with the idea gutting a home or making major design and renovation changes hiring a professional is the way to go! “There are so many decisions to be made,” says Montana, “and also so many wrong turns that can be made!” 

If you’ve never worked with a designer before and have wondered about the process, keep in mind that a designer is looking out for your style interests, its your home after all! When initially meeting with clients, Montana likes to see them spending time in their space to get an idea of who they are.

I think someone’s, clothing, hair, jewelry and the way they put themselves together can help tell A LOT about their personal design style.” And even if you aren’t sure of your own personal style or want to make some bold moves and big changes in your new space, a designer can guide you through that process too. “Oftentimes people have very strong sense of what they like,” Montana says, “they just haven’t been able to identify it. I like to visit a few boutiques with them if they are unsure to help assist in determining what their style.” 

And if you’re a first-time home buyer, being on a design budget is often the case when first starting out. But it’s still possible to make a big impact without breaking the bank. Montana suggests these three easy steps to refresh your home on a budget 1) paint everything white 2) replacing window coverings – they make a tremendous difference! And 3) change the hardware on kitchen and bathroom cabinets to update. 

With 2018 just around the bend, “rustic, raw and un-polished finishes” are going to continue being a huge trend, says Montana. “Whether handmade tiles, venetian plaster walls, handmade pottery with imperfections on display and raw untreated wood finishes. I predict we will be seeing these finishes in unexpected ways such as furniture, decorative accessories, countertops and tile.” 

Happy New Year!