ASAP, up to 1 month in advance

Electricity Provider

  • Hydro One

  • Reliance

  • Union Gas

  • Horizon Utilities/Alectra Utilities

Internet, TV, Phone Services

  • Rogers

    • Phone 1-855-549-0093

    • More info here

  • Bell

    • Phone 1-866-527-8771

    • More info here

  • Cogeco

    • Online here

    • Phone 1-866-261-4447

  • Don’t forget to arrange for any return of equipment, if necessary!

Canada Post

  • Schedule your mail to be forwarded to your new address here (note, this is a paid service)

2 weeks before

Service Ontario

  • Driver’s Licence

  • Vehicle and Land Registration

  • Health Card

    Update in person or online through ServiceOntario (click here)

Financial Institutions (including credit cards and Investments)

  • Changes can be done online from your online account

Taxes (CRA)

  • Online here

  • Phone 1-800-959-8281 (note you will need to have your SIN # on you)

Insurance Policies

  • Home, Auto, RV, Life, Collective - these can all be done online from your account or by calling your insurance representative/provider


  • Don’t forget to notify your children’s school of the new address or register at a new school

After you move

Doctors/ Pharmacy

  • at your next visit


  • email HR department

Streaming Services

  • Neflix, Spotify, Apple Music, etc.

Membership programs

  • Air Miles, PC Points


  • Toronto Public Library

    • in person at your local branch

Car Dealership

  • at your next visit or by phone

Elections Ontario

  • By registering online here